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Sports Pitches on the Estate

Residents and visitors to the Trust's estate may have noticed that some new signs are in place regarding the use of the sports pitches that are located across the site.

These notices point out that the pitches are located on private property and that unauthorised ball games are not permitted.  The reason why the notices have been put in place is in response to complaints from residents that from time to time organised adult sports have been taking place and there have been issues arising from related car parking.

The Trust invests heavily in the maintenance of the football pitches to ensure they provide excellent and safe playing surfaces. Whilst the Trustees are willing to encourage members of the community to participate in active sports. it is necessary for the people concerned to seek permission to play their sport in advance, complete the required registration form and agree to pay a fee towards the cost of maintaining the facility.

The restrictions contained in these notices do not apply to local young people who use the facilities for casual games or outdoor activities as they are welcome to do so provided that they do not cause a nuisance to neighbours and do not damage the facilities provided.

Tony Lyons

General Manager

July 2021