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General Notices


Advertising Banners London Road/Owens Corner

The Trust's policy towards advertising banners was reviewed and formalised last year to ensure that we adopt a standard practice and approach and this is outlined below for your information. 

1. All advertisers must seek prior approval to enable the Trust to maintain a degree of control and ensure that not too many banners are on display at the same time.

2. Banners can now only be displayed on the railings at Owen's Corner and along a short area after the bus stop opposite the Cat & Lion. They cannot be put up more than 3 weeks prior to the date of the event and advertisers must arrange for them to be removed within 2 days after the event has taken place.

The Trust respects the work that other voluntary / community organisations undertake in the Community and remains willing to support their efforts to promote events provided these few basic guidelines are followed.

Contact us by email at enquiries@pewterspeargreentrust.org.uk




Parents are reminded that if their young children are visiting the Trust's estate they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The parkland is an open space but there are busy roads nearby and there are also a number of ponds across the site that contain deep water.

Fences and warning signs are located in each area where appropriate, these may be ignored by young children.

Thank you.


There was a safety incident on the Trust’s estate when a child slipped off a log barrier next to a pond and fell into the water.  No harm was done on this occasion, fortunately, and the parents were nearby.

However, we need to take this opportunity to remind parents & other park users that the ponds on the estate contain deep water, and visitors must always stay away from the banks & remain outside of the fence & log barriers that are in place.

1. School Pond Bridge

The new bridge is now open to the public.  There will be a formal opening in a few weeks.

The bridge will be officially known as the Platinum Jubilee Bridge in celebration of HM the Queen’s platinum jubilee. 

The bridge is several meters longer than its predecessor and initial works to improve pedestrian access from the eastern bank of the pond have also been undertaken.

It has been constructed using sustainable materials and has an expected lifespan of 30 years.

2. Memorial Area/Bulb Planting

The cherry trees in the memorial area are now in blossom and looking lovely. The daffodils & other bulbs planted by members of the community last autumn will shortly be in flower.

3. New Trees

This week we have planted 14 new trees in 3 locations on the estate- see attached photographs.

The trees replace older trees that have been lost through storm damage or disease or which have been felled for safety reasons during 2021 & 2022..

New Tree Adjacent to Oak Walk

New Trees Adjacent to Pewterspear Green Road

New Trees Adjacent to the Roman Road Pitch

4. Bonfire & BBQs

The recent warm weather encouraged more residents, especially young people, to enjoy the parkland and the area in front of the Pavilion.

Unfortunately, some people have been using portable BBQs  &  one group also tried to light a bonfire near to the former cricket nets. Not only is this activity dangerous to both persons & property it resulted in the fire service being called out by a nearby resident.

Residents & visitors to the Trust are respectfully reminded that BBQ’s and bonfires are NOT PERMITTED anywhere on the estate under any circumstances. People who choose to ignore this policy will be asked to leave the site immediately & further action may also be taken if appropriate.